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Riky Elkayam fiber art

Riky Elkayam is a fiber artist working with wool using Felting and Nunofelting techniques. Felting and  Nunofelting transform the fibers from raw material to a strong and unified texture. This homogeneous and natural contexture is then used to create one of a kind unique wearable art - headpieces for women and babies, wool and silk soft sculptures.

The inspiration is drawn from traditional techniques and practices as well as natural shapes, forms, and patterns. Wool is often referred to as the wonder fiber - it is incredibly strong yet flexible. Besides being beautiful, soft and extremely sensual, wool is a comforting material. It is believed that it can reduce muscular and joint pain, support sleeping problems and insomnia, cultivate qualities of excess liquids evaporation as well as hold extensive insulation traits.  

“The material is very flexible and can be manipulated to create soft beautiful architecture. I give life to the raw material by spinning and weaving wool with complementary fibers together. I love the idea of using material that comes from the realm of ancient traditions and crafts and giving it modern and current interpretations. I create textures and shapes that excite me and resonate with what I believe in.”

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